kulupu lipu / index
toki. nimi mi li jan Nowa. ni li lipu mi, ona li awen pali. sona:

- jan li suli mute. mani li suli lili
- jan mute li pona tan pana pona
- telo nasa li pona
- mi olin e sina. mi olin mute e sina

toki Inli: hi i'm noah and i've got the coolest domain on the internet

this is an experimental hyperlinked codex, using a little generator i call makasi. do not consider this its finished form. in particular:

- the feed is not hooked into the site. i'm not sure of the best way to go about this, so i've just left it for the time being.
- i've already had one email on the html not being semantic and thus not being very accessible. most of the stuff here is in a uniform markup language, but i haven't written a compiler for it yet. i do intend to.

lpt: never stop stopping to smile at the flowers


- sombre
- rupicola
- iridescent
- topography
- fluctuation
- arcane
- labyrinthine